Prague with Manuel Rivero


   Let me introduce myself: Manuel Rivero is my name, I am of Hispanic-Czech descent, with a double training and degree as a Prague Guide, certified by the Bureau of Tourism in Prague from the year 2005. I also obtained a degree and the licence of the Jewish Museum of Prague in 2015. With 15 years of experience in this profession, I am definitively in love with the Golden City of Prague. I live in Prague for more than 30 years. I´m also specialized in private and individualized tours, where I can concentrate in the personal interests of the costumer, and can make you discover the whole magic and hidden details that Prague has, fairy tales, stories that have passed from one generation to the other...There´s so much to see and discover...!

Prague is a city in the real center of Europe, with a well-earned reputation of architectural and magic wonders, and is one of this cities that is always recommended to visit with a real tour guide. With more than a thousand years of history, huge number of monuments that survived world wars and foreign invasions, Prague was always at the crossroads of European cultures, religions and architecture. Sometimes this cultures and religions lived side by side in peace, but sometimes bloody clashes were inevitable. This mixture of cultures and religions is what make Prague the unique and wonderful city it is until this day. So come with me, avoid the big groups and crowds and walk through Prague ancient lanes and time-worn cobblestones to discover the stories and tales behind so many ancient buildings!

TOUR No 1: Prague Panoramic

  Duration: aprox. 3,5 hours. Frequency: Daily or depending on demand. Price: 1-2 persons 80 Euros, 3-6 persons 110 Euros.

  This tour starts next to the Powder Tower and the Municipal House, where the Royal Route of kings and queens used to take place, and we´ll walk alongside Celetná street. We´ll take one of many Prague passages to see St. James basilica and the Týn´s court-yard, used by the merchands, and from there we will enter the most famous square: the world famous Old Town Square, where is not only the old town hall with the famous Astronomical Clock that you of course will know in details, but also you´ll get familiarized with Jan Hus, the father of the Czech reformation movement in the early 15th century, as well as with other stories. We´ll continue our walk next to the old jewish ghetto towards Charles Bridge, get familiarized with the most famous emperor of Prague history, Charles IV, and by getting to the other side of the Vltava river we will continue to walk through Malá Strana neighbourhood towards the Prague Castle complex, where our tour will end. I strongly recomend to complete this tour with the Prague Castle complex tour.

TOUR No. 2 Prague Castle Complex (Hradčany) with the exteriors and interiors.

  Duration: Aprox. 3 hours. Frequency: Daily or depending on demand. Price: 1-2 persons 80 Euros, 3-6 persons 110 Euros. The price does not include the entrance fee to the castle interiors.

   During this tour you will know in details the most visited area of Prague: The Castle Complex, the biggest of his kind in the World! The most imposing monument of all, Saint Vitus Cathedral, will reveal all its secrets. You´ll enter the Old Royal palace, the ancient St. George Basilica, and the magic and pitoresque Golden Lane, as well as the Castle gardens. You´ll get to know stories of Emperors, Saints, Alchymists and Crafters. After exiting the Castle complex, you´ll admire the most famous panoramic views of Prague from the Hradčany hill! The tour will end beneath the Castle stairs, where we can see the famous Wallenstein garden or in the tram or metro on the way to your hotel. 

TOUR No. 3 The Old Jewish Quarter 

  Duration: Aprox. 2,5 hours. Frequency: Daily Except on Saturdays and some jewish holidays, or depending on demand. Price: 1-2 persons 65 Euros, 3-6 persons 90 euros. The price does not include the entrance fee to the Jewish museum of Prague.

  The jewish heritage of Prague is at the core of the history of this ancient city. Prague has one of the richest jewish heritages preserved in Europe. You will visit the interiors of 4 sinagogues, the Old Jewish Cementery, with its legendary personalities buried here like the rabbi Jehuda Low Ben Bezalel, the Prague Maharal, as well as the old house of the burial society, with the interiors of these monuments full of old objects chasted in silver and tapestries. The tour will finish next to the last sinagogue, the spanish, or in route to your hotel. 

TOUR No. 4 Catholic Prague and Malá strana quarter with gardens

  Duration: Aprox. 3,5 hours. Frequency: Daily or depending on demand. Price: 1-2 persons 80 Euros, 3-6 persons 100 Euros. Price does not include the entrance fees to the Loreta shrine and Vrbotská garden.

  Prague was an important catholic center during the 17th and 18th centuries, during the Austrian-Habsburg dynasty. Relics of saints were brought from around Europe and development of the baroque architecture were at the core of that time. The tour begins next to the Loreta baroque shrine, with the most important baroque treasurery of Prague and rich interiors, then we´ll walk down towards Malá Strana quarter, where importants catholic churches are to be found, like St. Nicholas or St. Thomas, and we´ll enter also the most famous baroque garden of Prague, the Wallenstein Garden, before we continue to the most famous catholic church of Prague, Our Lady Victorious, where the famous Infant Jesus of Prague is venerated, and at the end you can visit the hidden and marvellous Vrbotská baroque Garden, with its Unique views. The tour will end next to this garden, or in route to your hotel.


   The price of the tour includes the price of the public transportation from/to your hotel on demand. The price is understood by the number of people. I can pick up you in your hotel and accompany you to the starting point. Service fees can be paid in any hard currency or in czech crowns, the local currency, at current rates. The prices of entrance fees to the monuments and others expenses are not included in the price. Pets are not allowed inside the monuments. I always recommend to wear confortable walking shoes for the time-worn cobblestones of Prague. I can eventually arrange for you your night cultural programs (black light theater, Operas, concerts), or give you any recomendation for good czech restaurants.

  And you can call me in advance to combine some Prague tours that I offer, and we can negotiate the price!



  Duration: Aprox. 6 hours. Frequency: depending on demand. Price: 1-3 persons 200 Euros. In this case, the prices of the entrance fees to all the exhibits and museums in both forteresses are included, as well as the english speaking guide with you all the time! Pick up at your hotel and drop-off also included. The crematorium is closed on Saturdays, all other exhibitions are open daily.

 Terezín is an historic military town-forteress built in the 18th century during the reign of Joseph II, located only about 60 km. from Prague. Its name is inextricably connected to the times of the nazi Germany occupation and the jewish Holocaust. The small forteress was turned into a prison by the Gestapo, the secret police, and the more infamous big forteress was converted into a jewish ghetto from 1941 to 1945. It was also used extensively by the nazi propaganda machine. You will visit both forteresses. In the big one you can see the ghetto museum, a film documentary made by the nazi propaganda, a replica of the prison-dormitories that existed in the ghetto, as well as a mansard room and prayer hall from the ghetto period, as well as a columbarium and the crematorium, all very well preserved.


  Duration: Aprox. 6 hours. Frequency: depending on demand. Price: 1-3 persons 220 Euros. The prices of the entrance fees for the Ossuary, Sta Barbara and St. John Baptist are included, as well as a guide service with you all the time! Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel also included. 

 Kutná Hora was for centuries the second most important city of the kingdom of Bohemia after Prague and its financial capital. The discovery of the largest silver mine of Europe in the 13th century and the foundation of the Royal Mint in the year 1300 contributed decisively to this. You´ll get to know the world famous Ossuary, the famous chapel with the remains of more than 40 thousands people, the two city´s cathedrals, St. Barbara and St. John Baptist, and walk next to many more historic monuments, like the Stone Fountain, the former jesuit college and the former Royal Mint, also called Italian Court. You could also visit in the spring or summer the silver museum, and get to know how hard and creative was the work of the miners in the middle ages.

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